Turbot Fish with Blue Scales Iron Sculpture Officina Peppoloni

Pesce Rombo con squame blu, scultura in ferro ossidato al naturale di Officina Peppoloni. Dimensioni cm. 54×50


Consegna prevista tra 13-02-2023 e 16-02-2023
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Pesce rombo con squame, scultura in ferro verniciato blu in tecnica craquele, ispirata al pesce rombo nella forma stilizzata dove la coda e le squame conferiscono all’opera profondità e volume.

The painted iron work is made with the craquele technique which consists of the superimposition of different colors, one of which sinks into the cracks of the other. The technique requires numerous steps and layers of different paints that give depth to the surface, obtaining a very material finish.

Each piece is handmade and small differences give the object an original and unique value.

Size cm. 54xH50


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L'Officina di Luca Peppoloni

Rust is the memory of iron

My story is made up of stones from Chiona, flowers from Subasio and Etruscan iron; I like to make works that tell this story with the signs of the past as if they were archaeological finds or marine wrecks.

It is memory that enables us to read and understand the reality that surrounds us, all that nature and history have left us.
Similarly, rust is the memory of iron.

The workshop produces furniture and accessories with a "clean" and elegant line, which fit well into any type of environment, classic or contemporary.

If it is true that “less is more” (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) the main research lies in cleaning objects, giving up the baroque affectation typical of blacksmiths.

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Turbot Fish with Blue Scales Iron Sculpture Officina Peppoloni

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