Dishes Service Antico Blue Ceramic Deruta Decoration Fruit Plate

Servizio di piatti da tavola dipinti a mano, decoro Antico Blu, ceramica D&G Design Deruta, 3 pezzi


Consegna prevista tra 08-11-2022 e 17-11-2022
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Hand-decorated dinner plate service on the entire edge, decoration inspired by seventeenth-century garlands in shades of blue and light blue, recalls the typical shapes of the decorations of the time in the rural areas of central Italy, ideal for setting up a table that you want. refer to a simple but deeply rooted tradition in the culture of those places.

The decoration of the entire edge of the plate gives importance to the set table, leaving the white color only in the center to give the diner the visual pleasure of the food they are tasting.

The decoration is made entirely by hand and each piece may show slight differences precisely because it is handcrafted by the company's artisans, which makes every single dinner plate set by D&G Design in Deruta unique and unrepeatable.

Servizio da tavola di 3 pezzi composto da:

N.1 piatto piano a bordo liscio e fondo bianco di diametro cm.28

N.1 piatto fondo a bordo liscio e fondo bianco di diametro cm.26

N.1 piatto frutta a bordo liscio di diametro cm.22

All products are decorated with lead-free organic glazes and colors specific for food and treated in double firing at 1000 degrees to give brightness and brilliance to each piece of the service.

Dishwasher safe.


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D&G Design

D&G Design was born in the early 90s, combining the experience of a ceramist decorator and an interior architect.
The company, also known under the brand name '' D&G Ceramiche Artistiche '', was one of the first in the artistic ceramic sector to open up to the world of contemporary art and to introduce new lines and trends in the decorations of Deruta ceramics.
The continuous research, and the addition of ever new models and designs, the use and combination of classic colors, such as blue, combined with warm colors such as yellow and orange, make decorations and tableware simply unique.
To all this is added the continuous commitment to create hand-decorated artistic ceramic products of the highest quality.
The love and passion for one's work has meant that today D&G Design items for table setting and decoration are known all over the world.

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Dishes Service Antico Blue Ceramic Deruta Decoration Fruit Plate

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