Pair of Vases with Pure Gold Designs Ceramic Antica Deruta

Pair of vases with drawings in pure gold and NEW DECO decoration, decorated entirely by hand according to the centenary tradition of Deruta.

Size: H 36 cm and H 30 cm


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Collection designed by Stefano Chiocchini for Antica Deruta decorated entirely by hand according to the centennial tradition of Deruta.

Third fire processing with 18K pure gold

Pair of vases with drawings in pure gold and NEW DECO decoration that stands out for the purity of the lines and the contrast between the white enamel and the 18K pure gold design: it is part of the Antica Deruta design collections.

All the work is done by hand, the forging on the lathe and the manual decoration make each piece unique and unrepeatable; small imperfections in fact represent the guarantee of the handmade.

Each piece is heavily signed with the "L’Antica Deruta" trademark, and is sold with a certificate of guarantee certifying its quality and authenticity, in which there is a QR code with all the processing information.

Size: H 36 cm and H 30 cm


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Antica Deruta

Antica Deruta was born in the mid-fifties from the passion of a family of Deruta ceramic artisans, from a small workshop, it immediately transformed into an innovative company capable of demonstrating a far-sighted and ambitious approach in wanting to update the classic reproductions of Deruta ceramics through new collections dedicated to an attentive and sophisticated clientele in their choices.
Today Antica Deruta is able to transform the craftsmanship and artistic heritage of that small shop into a contemporary vision. Antica Deruta opens up to a new concept of artistic ceramics, with proposals from multiple collections of artistic ceramics that have now become a reference point in high-quality furnishings.
Research, quality and culture encompass the entire company philosophy: an approach that makes every object produced by L’Antica Deruta unique. Every day ancient drawings are studied and reworked, colors and glazes are mixed to create unique artistic ceramics signed by L’Antica Deruta, destined to communicate our indispensable heritage of traditions and passions.
The skilled hands of the skilled master craftsmen retrace the work processes of the centennial tradition of artistic ceramics of Deruta every day with scrupulousness and dedication. The L’Antica Deruta signature on each product is synonymous with a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship.
The ability to study, know and reproduce works of the great classics of the past and the skill of the master craftsmen make the artistic ceramics of L'Antica Deruta an interpreter of historical forms and decorations in a modern key, in the belief that one cannot live the present without know our history.

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Pair of Vases with Pure Gold Designs Ceramic Antica Deruta

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