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L’Antica Deruta

Antica Deruta was born in the mid-fifties from the passion of a family of Deruta ceramic artisans, from a small workshop, it immediately transformed into an innovative company capable of demonstrating a far-sighted and ambitious approach in wanting to update the classic reproductions of Deruta ceramics through new collections dedicated to an attentive and sophisticated clientele in their choices.

Antica Deruta
D&G Design vetrina

D&G Design

D&G Design was born in the early 90s, combining the experience of a ceramist decorator and an interior architect. The company, also known under the "D&G Ceramiche Artistiche" brand, was one of the first in the artistic ceramics sector to open up to the world of contemporary art and to introduce new lines and trends in the decorations of Deruta ceramics.

L’Officina di Luca Peppoloni

Officina Peppoloni produces furniture and accessories with a "clean" and elegant line, which fit well into any type of setting, classic or contemporary.

Officina di Luca
Gubbio ceramina artistica

La Mastro Giorgio

Mastro Giorgio is one of the oldest and most prestigious factories of traditional ceramic objects in Umbria, from the early 1900s Marsilio Biagioli became the protagonist of the production of dishes, vases, amphorae and other traditional ceramic products pulled on the lathe, with decorative and cooking, even in luster, completely hand-made with the artisan experience handed down over the years.